Simple Hacks for Making Moving Easier


Nobody enjoys moving, it’s time consuming and a lot of hard work More Help. Even a simple move is a dreadful process, when you stop and think about it. Most people are daunted by the task, but you don’t have to be. These simple tips can help simplify the task, so you get through it in less time and have more fun doing it.

Cut Down on Clutter

Are you downsizing or making a long-distance move? There’s no point in dragging all your wordly possessions over a long distance, or trying to bring them to a location where they will not fit. Simplify your life, and sell off or give away any unnecessary objects that you’ve accumulated over the years. Cut down on as many belongings as you can in the months coming up to a move, and you’ll simplify your task dramatically.

Spread out the Packing

While you can’t always take months to pack up your belongings, especially if you’re moving unexpectedly, it’s best to spread out the process as much as possible. If you can, begin packing up your belongings several weeks or months before a move. Keep things as neat and organized as possible, and pack up all your belongings so that they are ready to go several days before you begin the actual move.

Color Labels

Most people know to label all their boxes, but it can be a pain to read labels that are all drawn in black marker. To make identifying contents easier and quicker, rely on a set of mutli-colored labels. Assign a different color to each section of your home, and then it’s quick and easy to unpack the boxes when you reach the next space.

Pack Your Drawers

Don’t bother pulling clothing and other objects from the drawers in your furniture. Save yourself some time and wrap those beauties in plastic wrap. Once wrapped, you can just move the drawers like you would standard boxes, and when you arrive at the new location, you slip them into place and can begin using them once again. Finding clothes has never been easier after a move.

Use Garbage Bags on Hanging Clothes

There’s no reason to pull all the clothing in your closet down and to tuck away all those hangers. Instead, simply wrap up large clusters of hangers in garbage bags. Wrap the hangers up and pull the drawstrings tight on as many hangers as you can. You can move the bags easily, and hang them up in the new closet in mere moments.

Cut Triangle Box Handles

Holding larger boxes is awkward and not something that anyone enjoys. If the boxes are made from sturdy cardboard, you can make them significantly easier to carry by cutting out some handles. Make two slices into a cardboard box going from up to down at a 45 degree angle. The idea is to cut two sides of a triangle that comes to a point toward the bottom of the box. The uncut side of the triangle becomes your handle, and the cardboard triangle folds into the cardboard box to form a sturdy grab handle. Do this with any larger boxes and you’ll make carrying them easier.

While these simple steps will help simplify your move, you’ll still have to prepare for a tiring process. Start working on the task as early as you can, and the process will be much easier than if you try to get it all done in a single day or a few days.

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