How to Control Pests in a New Home

Nobody wants pests in a new home, but they can be a very real problem if you don’t take the time to control them in a natural way. Sure you could get rid of them temporarily by relying on pesticides and getting pest control professionals out at your home, but simple maintenance techniques can often be just as effective at keeping pests at bay. Here are some simple ways that you can minimize the pests in your home.

Keep Your Kitchen Clean

One of the best ways to minimize pets in your home, is to keep your kitchen as clean as possible. At the end of each day, wipe down countertops using a solution that contains vinegar. Vinegar is highly effective because it removes odor trails and makes it difficult for ants and other foraging insects to figure out where to go.

Also wash any dirty dishes, put away food and keep everything packaged away so that pests can’t get into them. Try relying on air-tight storage containers and jars to keep most of your foods safe, and you’ll help minimize your pest problems in the future.

Seal off the Entrances

Pests can’t get into your home unless they have an available entrance. That’s why one of your best defenses against pests is a good tube of silicone caulk. From the day that you move into your new home, take a good look at all the windows, the doors, the dryer vents, and any other sections around the floor for holes. These holes are probably useful to pests to get into your home. Seal them up one by one using the silicone, and eventually your house will be much more difficult to get into than it initially was. This won’t prevent every insect from getting in, and you’ll have to seal additional entrances as you go, but this is a good initial step to take.

Minimize Clutter

From piles of clothing, stacks of newspapers and old food containers, clutter is bad to have in yoru home. Not only does it detract from the overall look of your home, but it can also give pests a place to live. Mice love to snuggle down in piles of old clothing and rip it into a nice comfy bed for the winter. Insects love old newspapers and will hide in any piled up area around your house, so take the time to remove as many of them as possible.

Fix Leaks

Pests require water to survive, and you won’t find these problems in areas that don’t have a ready source of water available. You’ll make it more difficult for these creatures to survive in your home if you take the time to minimize the water that’s available. This means fixing any leaks or drips that you have around your house. A single leaky faucet could support hundreds or thousands of insects vytorin cost. Also consider putting some sort of barrier around pet food and water bowls to keep pests out of them.

Make use of all this advice and you should cut down on the total number of pests that you have in your home at the very least. Most of these steps are simple to use, and well worth trying out.

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